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Substance Addiction Trends Amongst Youth

Teens discover household items as drugs

It is difficult for parents to constantly stay updated with the latest addiction trends or substance of abuse among teens. Today, teens have better access to a wider information base than what their parents had and are therefore aware of the latest and various trends. Unfortunately, teens also try these trends often causing irreparable damage to their physical and mental well-being

Though some parents might have heard of the newer trends, several of the trends that teens follow might shock them. From normal household items to self-made drugs, teens today are experimenting with a lot of substances. The biggest point of worry for parents is that these products are easily available and accessible in the household which can be dangerous. Some of the latest teen trends include:

  • Moonshine – The term moonshining refers to illegally making one’s own alcohol. According to the latest news report, several students in California were rushed to the emergency department (ER) due to alcohol poisoning. These children consumed moonshine made from alcohol extracted from hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers contain about 60 percent alcohol which helps in destroying germs. Who could have thought that a product meant to protect one might be used for such dangerous purposes? Read more
  • Nutmeg intoxication – Another current trend is ingesting nutmeg in large quantities. Nutmeg is used to bake cookies and was presumed to be harmless until recently. Due to the presence of a natural compound named myristicin in nutmeg, users experience euphoria and hallucinations when the spice is consumed in large quantities. Teens tend to drink, orally ingest and even smoke nutmeg to get high.
  • Cough syrups – These have been used for a long time by teens to get high. Cough syrups contain codeine and dextromethorphan which lead to euphoria-like feelings. Teens usually drink an entire bottle to experience this. However, the latest method of consuming multiple bottles at once has become a frightening trend.
  • Digital drugs – These are digital audio files with the ability to alter brainwaves, disturb the mental balance, and create a sense of high amongst listeners. What is more dangerous is that such audio files are easily available across social media platforms. Several cases of teen hospitalization due to “Internet overdosing” also known as “I-dosing” on digital drugs have been reported across the country.
  • Tampon intoxication – Teens dip tampons in hard alcohol and then insert the tampon in their vaginas or rectums. It is said to produce a strong, intense, and long-lasting high due to the direct absorption of the spirit by the bloodstream.
  • Potpourri smoke – The sweet flower and spice mixture of room freshener potpourri is being smoked by teens to get a new kind of a high. It is said to cause hallucinations and paranoia. In addition to these, smoking potpourri can also lead to dangerous heart palpitations.
  • Aerosol cans – Even keyboard cleaners such as Dust Off and cans of whipped creams are being used by teens to get high. ‘Dusting’ or snorting the gas in keyboard cleaners is a dangerous way to get high.
  • Freon – Never did one imagine that a person would try to get high from an air conditioner. According to a latest trend, teens are sniffing and smoking the cooling gas Freon, which can be found inside of air conditioners. However, smoking Freon may also lead to frostbite and even brain damage.

Addiction Treatment at Adeona Healthcare

Along with keeping a tab on household products, it is important to teach children about the negative effects of addiction. Adeona Healthcare understands that teens are sensitive and need age-appropriate and compassionate care to help them overcome the addiction which can lead to a better life. This is why an addiction treatment program at Adeona Healthcare addresses not only the addiction but also the underlying causes that led to it in the first place. The expert medical team at our licensed center runs a pre-assessment to determine these. Thereafter, Adeona’s experts design an individualized treatment plan which suit the requirements of the teen.

If you know a teen battling an addiction, direct them towards Adeona Healthcare. We are a credible mental health and addiction treatment center for teens between the ages of 12 to 17. Our comprehensive programs are evidence-based and administered under close medical supervision. For further information about our center or our treatment programs, call our 24/7 helpline 888-379-9360 or chat online with a representative.

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