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Should medical marijuana dispensaries be away from schools?
Mar 06 2019

Should medical marijuana dispensaries be away from schools?

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Considering the fact that medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states in the United States, parents of teens are growing concerned about how the location of medical marijuana dispensaries may affect their communities and neighborhoods. According to a recently conducted national poll by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital on Children’s Health, majority of the parents agreed that medical marijuana dispensaries should not be located anywhere near organizations or facilities largely used by children or teens, as it might promote marijuana addiction in them.

As per the poll, seven out of 10 parents felt that their opinion must be sought when deciding the location of medical marijuana dispensaries, especially when they were close to their kid’s schools or daycares. The majority of parents said that such dispensaries should not be allowed within a certain distance of such facilities.

Wide variation in state and local policies

There is a wide variation in terms of the local and state policies that regulate the operation and location of medical marijuana dispensaries. While the rules are clear as far as the amount of marijuana is allowed per user, there are not very clear in regard to the location of the medical marijuana dispensaries. Poll Director, Sarah Clark said that three in four parents strongly felt that medical marijuana dispensaries should not be allowed near schools. They also wanted to support limitations pertaining to the proximity of dispensaries to children’s areas, as nearly 52 percent expressed concerns about people driving under the influence of marijuana.

Around 48 percent of parents were concerned about the likelihood of a child laying their hands on and consuming marijuana products that had been inadvertently left unused by a medical marijuana patient. Another 49 percent felt that if dispensaries existed near a school, teens would have easier access to marijuana.

Divided opinion of parents

According to the poll, around 75 percent parents voiced their general support for decriminalized medical marijuana. This included one third, who supported children using medical marijuana. Only 26 percent parents seemed to oppose medical marijuana for any age or condition. However, the majority of parents were in agreement that dispensaries dealing in medical marijuana needed to be prohibited from operating within a certain distance of middle and high schools, daycare centers, and elementary schools.

Around 77 percent parents agreed that dispensaries needed to follow a set of rules and regulations just like liquor stores in terms of their location. Additionally, they should be regularly inspected to ensure that they were adhering to the specified regulations.

Having said that, around 45 percent of parents shared that medical marijuana was allowed in their state and another 24 percent shared that their community had at least one medical marijuana dispensary. A small percentage of only around 20 percent said that their community or state had regulations pertaining to the location of the dispensaries, while 59 percent were unaware if such regulations existed.

Change of law required for parent participation

Clark stated that although majority of the parents wished to be referred to regarding the location of a dispensary near their child’s daycare or school, it appears far from being feasible in the present day scenario. Presently, there is no reliable local or state structure of rules and regulations to control the operations and location of such dispensaries.

Also, the decision regarding the position of a new dispensary might be made through a local zoning regulation, state law, or any other action. So parents wishing to share their opinion about the location of new dispensaries in their kid’s school neighborhood, may have restricted avenues of actually doing so.

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