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Maria W.

Maria W. suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since her grammar school days. When she reached her early teens, she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This is when her parents researched online and came across ADEONA Healthcare. One of the things that attracted her parents and her was the facility’s philosophy behind the treatment process. The facility emphasized on complete confidentiality and offered a safe and secure environment for the teens to heal in. Even the fact that the facility specialized in treating adolescents and teens gave them the confidence to enroll in ADEONA Healthcare.

The highly skilled staff at ADEONA Healthcare made Maria feel welcome and comfortable from the first day itself. It was like she already had support. She was an active user of drugs and alcohol when she first joined the program. She gradually participated in group therapy sessions, daily exercise, and did her chores which kept her busy. The facility’s responsiveness highly impressed her. The staff at ADEONA Healthcare took care of her nutritional needs like her vegetarian lifestyle and lactose intolerance and continued to exceed her expectations in many ways.

Maria described her experience with the staff and her personal therapist as a unique one. The staff present at the facility guided the patients and provided plans, like going back to school or college or even getting a job, for a better future. She enjoyed the group and individual therapies at the facility. Group therapy helped her recognize what parts of her life she was comfortable sharing with others.

Maria’s favorite was art therapy. It helped her connect with her emotions in a more creative way. She praised ADEONA Healthcare for the different counseling groups available for different problems. The therapists at the facility are thorough professionals, yet have a humanistic and sensitive approach. Tools provided at the facility helped her in structuring her daily routine.

Though it was tough initially, Maria is now well on her way to recovery. She effectively completed the 90 days of her stay at the facility and highly recommends ADEONA Healthcare to those interested in getting help.