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Baylee T.

When Baylee discovered that her mother had attempted suicide twice, it broke her heart and pushed her towards depression. Not feeling her usual happy self, she started looking though the internet to find out what was afflicting her. Once she realized that it might be depression, she met a therapist for a formal diagnosis.

Her therapist recommended that she opted for an inpatient stay for depression treatment as moving away from her triggers was important considering that she was just 16. Taking the therapist’s advice Baylee started looking for a depression rehabilitation center online. ADEONA Healthcare of California was the first name that popped up when she looked for a place which accepted her insurance plan.

Her first phone call to the center itself highly impressed her. She got all the information she was looking for in one go and decided to get herself admitted at the center. When she reached the center, she realized how welcoming and supportive the highly skilled staff at the center was. From the driver who picked her up at the airport to the ancillary staff, everyone was friendly and made her fit right in. She absolutely loved the food at the center and said that it has one of the best chefs. Exercising and doing yoga daily helped her calm her mind and make better lifestyle choices.

She was highly appreciative of the group therapy sessions which helped her identify her triggers and deal with her problems. She was thankful for the gender separate supportive and empathetic groups. She called such groups a blessing; adding that they felt like family. Baylee stated that the therapists at ADEONA Healthcare were non-judgmental and helped her deal with her issues on a day to day basis instead of rushing into treatment. Her favorite was the trauma group session because the entire group was very supportive and shared similar problems that gave her a sense of relief that she was not alone in her suffering.

Today, Baylee is slowly recovering to the happier self she was. She thanks ADEONA Healthcare for all the help she has received. She says that if one is willing to accept help, recovery is possible. Her therapist has prepared a discharge plan for her and is confident that Baylee would be able to take care of herself in the future.