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Aubrey T.

Aubrey T. suffered a drug addiction from an early age, and eventually, she started developing behavioral issues. Things took a dangerous turn when she tried to commit suicide. After browsing the internet, Helen and David, Aubrey’s parents, came across Adeona Healthcare which offered personalized care just as they wanted.

Aubrey had been to many facilities before which only gave her medications and discharged her. This was the reason why Aubrey’s mom wanted to first meet the staff at Adeona. However, the fact that Adeona held counseling sessions with parents before admissions impressed her mom as it helped her discuss her feelings about her daughter’s addiction. Reassured, Helen got Aubrey admitted to the center and looked forward to her leading a drug-free life.

Group counselling sessions used to be Aubrey’s favorite activity. She said that the sessions helped her learn about various options and coping skills and by sharing each other’s feelings, emotions, and experiences, members helped each other as well as themselves. Aubrey also gained confidence from the positive feedbacks she received from her case manager and clinicians.

At first, Helen and David were reluctant to attend the family counselling sessions. However, that changed during the very first session as Helen was amazed to see that families, with their children next to them, could speak about the feelings, emotions, and problems they had been through. She said that these sessions turned out to be a great support for not only them as parents but for Aubrey as well.

Aubrey has completed her recovery treatment program and has returned to her bright and chirpy self and is looking forward to going back to school. She thanks everyone at Adeona Healthcare for their help and support and for involving her parents in the treatment process. She says it strengthened the bond between them.