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Ashlee Z.

Ashlee Z’s life went from bad to worse. What started as fun session of smoking pot once a week gradually became an addiction to drugs. From stealing money from her mother for drugs to shoplifting and offering sex in exchange for drugs, she had done it all by the time she was 17 years old. A drug test in prison is what made her realize the abuse she put on her body through. And the scariest thing was, she had just six months to live if she kept up with her drug abuse.

Determined to save her daughter, Ashlee’s mother talked to the staff at the prison and they recommended Adeona Healthcare, the leading treatment facility for adolescents. She quickly researched our site and admitted Ashlee, whose life turned around during her treatment program.

Recalling her admission day, she said that she did not even remember coming to the center as she was high. But once she became sober, she realized how friendly and supportive everyone at the facility was and how amazed it was seeing how other patients would motivate her with positivity.

Ashlee refers to the staff at Adeona as her second family and is thankful to our team of highly skilled professionals for helping her get her life back together. Her favorite was the physical training session which helped her vent her anger. These sessions also helped her get back to sports which she loved before her addiction.

When the 60 days of her treatment plan were over, Ashlee was surprised. She had never thought that she would come so far. To remain sober felt like a second life to her. Ashlee is now living a clean and healthy life. Back with her mother, she thanks Adeona Healthcare for giving her a second lease on life. She says that facing problems with a sober mind is far better than facing them with an inebriated mind. She also feels that a sober mind and body allows one to have a clearer and healthier perspective towards life.